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Man sues over mashed potatoes: Cracked teeth from chipped plate prompts lawsuit

A man breaks his teeth eating mashed potatoes
A man breaks his teeth eating mashed potatoes
Creative Commons, MyRecipes

A man is suing over mashed potatoes due to him suffering 2 cracked teeth after biting into potatoes that had pieces of a chipped plate inside. Roger Branstetter from Oregon filed an official lawsuit this week against Outback Steakhouse on charges of negligence in allowing an “inedible and harmful material” to be found within one of their food products. News Max reports this Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014, that Branstetter needed both affected teeth pulled and then replaced with implants because of the extreme damage following the incident.

Strange news story or not, when a man sues over mashed potatoes, you know it’s either because they were really bad or caused real injury. Within the newly filed lawsuit, Roger Branstetter noted that back in Feb. of 2012, he was enjoying a lunch at Outback Steakhouse when he bit hard into something inside of his mashed potatoes.

The sharp foreign object turned out to be shards of a broken porcelain plate. The man said that he was forced to visit a dentist and pay for the expenses. He suffered a total of 2 broken teeth — both molars — that needed to pulled and altered with implants after being cracked from the plate pieces.

Managers from the Oregon Outback Steakhouse also acknowledged “to the plaintiff that a plate had broken in the kitchen and that pieces had fallen into his helping of the mashed potatoes," cited the lawsuit arguing negligence.

Once he realized how much his injury had cost him and the pain he endured, Branstetter said he decided late in 2012 that he was going to sue over the tainted mashed potatoes. The man is fighting for $48,000 in total damages due to the restaurant also being guilty in not telling their customers that one of their dishes had cracked and fallen inside the mashed potatoes. The food should immediately have been thrown away instead of being served; 2 broken teeth came as a result.

"In not [informing their customers of the shards within the mashed potatoes], customers could not make their own informed decision regarding whether to eat food that might contain sharp, hard, dangerous, and potentially deadly pieces of a broken plate."

Furthermore, Branstetter states as he sues, the chipped plate pieces could have been "fatal, if it punctured internal organs such as the [customer's] esophagus, stomach, or intestines."

A manager for Outback Steakhouse said that the whole incident is a very sad one, due to the importance of customer safety the Oregon restaurant wants to offer to its guests.

"It's really disappointing when someone gets hurt inside the restaurant," said the manager.

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