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Man Sues McDonald’s Over Napkins: Really

Ingredients?  Don't ask
Ingredients? Don't ask
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Or more specifically, Lucas Webster is alleging and heading to court over the fact that he was only given one.

Napkin that is.

Ridiculous you cry. The story gets more trivial.

The manager of said fast food establishment, in dialogue over this non-issue, then utilized the phrase “you people.”

Mr. Webster: stop killing yourself and consume real food.

Problem solved.

Where to begin.? Okay in no particular order. This column had to be told that “you people” could be racist.

There are parts of Baltimore and the surrounding environs where the grammar is, shall we say, inventive. Some neighborhoods pluralize the pronoun you. As in youse. As in are youse both going to the store? Hon.

Sometimes, to be honest this column will employ the phrase “you people” to indicate clearly that everyone is being addressed. Or a larger group is part of the issue. You people in Congress.....

No racial intent at all.

Perhaps the manager is a racist. Still, Mr. Webster has no legal case. He was not denied service. (Better for his arteries if he had been.)

“You people” could reference many different groups. People who eat horrific food.
Folks who don’t seem to care about the planet. Consumers who use too many paper napkins. Or, admittedly, blacks.

Lucas contends that an apology that included free hamburgers was an insult. You're right. They were trying to murder you. (Bada Bing. Thank you and please tip your waitress.)

Times are hard and money is scarce. Still we have an obligation as citizens of this world.

We need to take care of ourselves, others and our planet.

When something- food or merchandise- is cheap to purchase, everyone suffers. Workers, animals and of course, the environment.

Mr. Lucas. The cow, if there is in fact beef in your hamburger, had a worse time inre this whole brouhaha than you.

So eat healthier, be more aware, conserve resources and treat people and animals kinder.

And stop clogging up the courts so killers like George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn, et. al. seemingly to infinity, can be prosecuted.

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