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Man sues McDonald's over napkin: Second napkin denial leads to $1.5 million suit

Man sues McDonald's over getting only 1 napkin with his Quarter Pounder Deluxe!
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

A man who is suing McDonald’s over a napkin is asking a hefty award of $1.5 million for the mental anguish he has suffered. Apparently this really caused him a great deal of distress when he was only handed one napkin with his Quarter Pounder Deluxe. Clearly everyone knows that one of those burgers are at least worthy of two napkins!

It seems when Webster Lucas found only one napkin in his bag, he went to the counter and asked for another and he was refused, claims his lawsuit. This is when this unhappy customer claimed the manager made a racist remark to him, reports the New York Daily News on March 2.

The lawsuit came about because of the one napkin, but when this manager of the Pacoima, California McDonald’s refused him another, he said something that Lucas took as racist. Lucas claims the Mexican-American boss said something under his breath that sounded like, “you people,” which Lucas felt was in reference to him being black.

By now most folks know about McDonald’s getting sued a couple of times for hot coffee, but the napkin is just paper goods. Chances are Lucas will be hard-pressed to prove that any harm was done by giving the customer one napkin.

As far as saying “you people” the guy might have been grouping all customers under that label, not necessarily their race, but the lawsuit will play out and decide what “you people” meant, if it was said at all. Apparently Lucas was double insulted when the manager apologized and offered him a free burgers. Not a good enough peace offering for the man who was denied another napkin.

Doesn’t McDonald’s have napkin dispensers on their counters and on their tables? Have napkins become such a precious gem that they are dispensed on a need to use basis only?

Lucas claims he suffered “undue mental anguish” and he suspects that the $1.5 million will rectify that and make him feel better. If Lucas wins, he can buy enough napkins to keep him anguish-free for the rest of his life.

Hey, how much do you think it would be worth when they forget to add your French fries to the bag when you go to the drive-thru? Now that is an episode of mental anguish for anyone, especially if you are waiting until you get to your destination to sink your teeth into your fries from the golden arches!

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