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Man stole $2,700 in meat: Sticky-fingered crook is dead meat after beef heist

Man stole $2,700 in meat: Sticky-fingered crook is dead meat after beef heist
Man stole $2,700 in meat: Sticky-fingered crook is dead meat after beef heist
Wikimedia Commons

A Portland man stole $2,700 worth of meat from three supermarkets, prompting cops to have a beef with the protein pilferer, who was eventually nabbed with his haul of costly meat products. Where’s the beef you ask? Hidden in Barry T. Sander’s shopping cart. The 53-year-old Sanders is accused of hiding meat and walking out of three area Safeway grocery stores at least 13 times over the past few months.

According to news channel KOIN6 out of Portland, which also carried the booking photo of our meat mugger, Barry Trenell Sanders “appeared in Multnomah County Circuit Court Tuesday and was arraigned two counts of first-degree theft. The investigation, conducted by Safeway Loss Prevention, started July 22, 2014 and ended Aug. 8, court documents state. Sanders was taken into custody Aug. 12 on a probation violation.”

Safeway officials went back and looked at video feeds from their stores on Northeast Broadway, North Ivanhoe and Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and said they spotted Sanders using his grocery cart to conceal the packages. The video “clearly identifies” Sanders, court documents state. KOIN says Sanders will be back in court Aug. 7.

A sampling of the some of the comments thrown up on the article:

Since Safeway was bought out by another company recently there meat prices have sky rocketed. So this thief stole 1 roast and a couple of packages of hamburger.

Did he have a vision of Ferguson?

Policy is don’t stop shoplifters.. The lawsuits are too expensive.

Last month, the NY Daily News reported on a similar priced theft. Thieves broke into a market in Austria and filched a massive, five-foot mortadella sausage, weighing nearly 200 pounds. The “porky plunder,” also worth $2,700, was never recovered and the shoplifters are still at large.

In other weird news, police caught a man in Albuquerque, New Mexico man this week who is accused of becoming a very unwanted houseguest. The robber broke into a 94-year-old man's home, took some of his things, then showered and shaved – making the stunned elderly gent watch.

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