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Man steals human brain tissues from museum and sells the organs on eBay (Video)

According to the Huffington Post on Jan. 2, a man stole human brain tissues from a museum and sold the organs on eBay.

David Charles, 21, is accused of stealing human brain tissues from the Indiana Medical History Museum in Indianapolis. He sold them on eBay, according to reports.

Officials say on multiple occasions over the last year, Charles broke into the museum and stole jars of preserved brain tissues. The tissues came from about 2,000 deceased psychiatric patients from the Central State Hospital that is now closed. It was in operation from 1848 to 1994.

Police found out about this from a San Diego buyer on eBay who actually bought six jars of brains at $100 each. figured out the transactions might be illegal.

Charles was bold enough to advertise selling the brains on eBay. He wrote on his Facebook page on Oct. 14, 2013, "Yo I got a bunch of human brains in jars for sale hmu [hit me up] for details u know u want one for Halloween."

Investigators set up a sting operation to catch Charles on Dec. 16 when they contacted him to buy a jar of the brain tissues. He was charged with theft and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Executive director of the museum Mary Ellen Hennessey Nottage reported that the museum has recovered many of the jars of brain tissues, but not all of them.

View the video above.

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