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Man steals electricity: 6 years of power worth $8,000 stolen

Man steals electricity in Ala. for 6 years.
Commons Wikimedia

Imagine if a man steals electricity for six years while racking up thousands of dollars in power without paying for it. Does that sound unbelievable? It happened when John Michael Kay, 43, of a Cedar Bluff, Ala. managed to use $8,000 worth of power for six years until he was finally caught.

Rome News Tribune reported Jan. 5 that Kay allegedly used $8,069.16 worth of electricity which powered "a 50-gallon water heater, an electric furnace and a two-ton air conditioning unit," the report said.

Man steals electricity: Kay faces felony charges

Kay managed to tap into a Georgia Power meter from an old address from November 2007 to November 2013.

A warrant from Floyd County Jail outlined that Kay is being charged with theft of services by using electricity he has not paid for in six years.

Kay was still being held at the Floyd County Jail without bail on felony charges as of Saturday.

A man steals electricity for years and years before someone noticed something was off? Someone may have figured it out and contacted law enforcement or the power company. Will this man have to repay the $8,000 worth of electricity?

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