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Man steals electricity: 56-year-old man uses extension cord to steal electricity

An extension cord
An extension cord
Taylor Cedarmas / Wikimedia Commons

A man steals electricity by running an extension cord from a business to his minivan. According to the CT Post, Douglas Higbee, 56, has been charged in the case. Police were alerted to the case by a manager from Advance Auto Parts and they promptly arrested Higbee. He was charged with sixth-degree larceny and later released. Interestingly enough, Higbee made the rounds in the area but no one called the police on him... until recently.

"Police also found out Higbee had made the rounds of a number of other businesses in the recent past, but no complaints were made because people took pity on Higbee and were trying to work with him," explained Sgt. Robert Shawinsky.

When a man steals electricity one would assume he was desperate -- perhaps to stay warm or to stay alive. And that very well may have been the case for Higbee -- but that doesn't mean he should get a free pass. Of course it is easy to have sympathy for someone who is living on the streets -- and Higbee's story is even more depressing.

He reportedly told police that he'd been living out of his 1998 Chrysler Town and Country minivan -- which was uninsured and not registered -- since he lost his house in a divorce. He admitted to hooking up the extension cord from the auto parts store to his house on wheels.

The man steals electricity story has been trending for a couple of days now -- but surely things like this happen more often than it's reported by the media, right?

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