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Man stabs girlfriend's estranged husband with Link's Master Sword from 'Zelda'

A man was stabbed twice with a replica sword.
A man was stabbed twice with a replica sword.

Earlier today, Forbes reported that avid cosplayer Eugene Thompson defended himself from his girlfriend's estranged husband with a battle-ready replica of Link's Master Sword from the “Zelda” video game series. The altercation began when Thompson and his girlfriend, who live together, had an argument which caused the girlfriend to call her ex-husband. The ex-husband received two stab wounds before he smashed a flower pot over Thompson's head.

According to ClicktoHouston, the girlfriend, who asked that her identity remain secret, let her ex into Thompson's Katy, Texas home. Thompson asked the ex-husband to leave. Instead, the ex charged Thompson, who ran into his bedroom and retrieved the Master Sword from his collection of high-quality replica swords.

"I heard him heading to the bedroom where I was,” Thomspon said in a T.V. interview, “so I jumped in the closet and I grabbed one of my replica swords, and I pulled it out and stood at the doorway... he was coming down the hallway at me while I was yelling, 'Go away, you don't live here' and he just walked right into the point of the sword, I don't know if he thought it was a toy,"

After that stab wound, the ex-husband allowed Thompson to lead him out of the home's door before forcing his way back in and attempting to attack. Thompson responded by stabbing the ex in the leg. In a comedic twist, the ex husband then picked up a flower pot, similar to the flower pots players destroy in “Zelda" to obtain items, and smashed it over Thompson's head.

Both men were hospitalized, but the woman was unharmed. Thompson was released after receiving several stitches to his forehead. The ex husband remains hospitalized and, unfortunately, is listed in critical condition. There was no word on whether drugs or alcohol was involved. Police have not confirmed if any charges will be filed.