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Man stabs another man to death with a stick

LVMPD picture of Asa Funderburk
LVMPD picture of Asa Funderburk

31 year old Asa Funderburk fatally stabbed Brandon Pickford, 43 with a stick that Funderburk found earlier that morning. The stabbing took place outside of a Las Vegas McDonalds fast food restaurant, located at Sahara and Paseo Del Prado. The stabbing occurred Thursday morning just before 8:30 a.m. according to Metro police.

Metro police also confirmed that Funderburk was arrested at a home on West Sahara Avenue approximately an hour after the incident.

According to a witness's statement, the witness seen Funderburk and Pickford get into an altercation outside of the McDonalds. Pickford was seen staggering away screaming with a bloody neck wound. Police said a worker from McDonalds rushed to help Pickford by applying pressure to his neck wound as Funderburk ran away from the scene.

Pickford was rushed to University Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead. After Funderburk was arrested he confirmed with police that the altercation started with an argument over the use of a cellular phone.