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Man snatched out of boat by 16-foot crocodile while family watched

Human remains believed to be those of a 62-year-old Australia man have been located in the body of a huge crocodile, police say, just hours after he was snatched from his boat in front of his horrified family in the Northern Territory's Kakadu National Park.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported June 8 that human remains were recovered from the body of one of two crocodiles shot by rangers who were searching for the missing 62-year-old man, whose name has not been released by authorities. The animal was measured at 4.7 meters (15.5 feet) long.

Sergeant Andrew Hocking said that the rangers were "using their expertise of crocodile management behaviour managed to locate two large saltwater crocodiles in the billabong."

Both crocodiles, which were found a little less than a mile from the point of attack, were killed. Hocking added, "One of those crocs was later examined and a quantity of human remains was recovered."

The man had been on a boat with his son, wife and daughter-in-law when he was attacked by a large crocodile on a billabong near Cooinda Saturday afternoon. According to North Territory News, police said the man was emptying or washing a bucket when the crocodile jumped over the side to pull him into the water.

His family heard splashing sounds and ran to the man's aid but were unable to save him.

Since Kakadu National Park has extremely poor cell phone reception, the victim's wife and daughter-in-law drove two hours to get help.

Crocodile expert Graeme Webb told the Morning Herald that there had been reports that crocodiles had been approaching and boarding boats.

Webb also noted that crocodile attacks are rare this time of year.

A similar attack on a 12-year-old boy occurred in January in the same national park. His remains were recovered inside a crocodile two days later.

Australian authorities have not officially identified the human remains.

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