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Man slipped pregnant girlfriend abortion pills: 14-week-old fetus stillborn

Huffington Post
Huffington Post
34-year-old Brooklyn man Shervaughn Remy is accused of secretly putting abortion pills inside of his pregnant girlfriend's vagina, which caused her to abort their 14-week old baby.

On Valentine’s Day last year, 34-year-old Brooklyn man Shervaughn Remy furtively gave his pregnant girlfriend the abortion drug Cytotec while the pair had intercourse in their Crown Heights apartment. On Monday of this week, Remy turned down a deal from prosecutors that would have him plea guilty to felony abortion.

“She was ready to give the gift of life, and he took it away from her,” shares the Huffington Post on March 18.

Shortly after being given the pills, Remy’s girlfriend complained of intense pain in her abdomen, and was taken to the hospital where doctors removed what was left of the pills and identified them as being the pregnancy-terminating drug Cytotec (Misoprostol).

While at the hospital, the woman then gave birth to her three-month old stillborn child, court documents stated.

According to, women who are using Cytotec to prevent pregancy should take it orally. If insert inserted into the vagina, the medicine will induce labor.

Prosecutors say Remy secretly stuffed two pills inside of his girlfriend’s vagina during sex, triggering the unborn baby to be expelled. The pair had reportedly never discussed aborting their child.

Cytotec also is taken orally to prevent stomach ulcers.

“My client maintains his innocence,” said Remy’s defense attorney David Zelman in Brooklyn Supreme Court this week, who said that Remy’s girlfriend initially said she would not press charges.

Remy was arrested and charged last year with a forcible abortion, a felony crime that carries a maximum of four years behind bars.

According to writer Dave Andrusko from National Right to Life News, Remy’s actions may be a “copy-cat” crime:

Less than two months after Andrew Welden was sentenced to 13 years and eight months for tricking his girlfriend into taking an abortifacient that caused the death of her 6-week-old unborn baby, prosecutors have charged a Brooklyn man with slipping his girlfriend an abortion-inducing drug that caused the stillborn death of her 3-month-old unborn child.

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