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Man shot in theater over texting

A Florida man was gunned down in a movie theater by a retired Tampa policeman on Monday after the former officer witnessed him texting during the showing.

According to the Daily News, the incident took place at the Cobb Grove 16 theater in the suburb of West Chapel. Both men bought tickets to see Lone Survivor with Mark Wahlberg.

The AP reported that Chad Oulson, 43, was texting his daughter’s daycare and Curtis Reeves, 71, was furious because of it.

Reeves reportedly asked Oulson to stop texting during the opening trailers before leaving to alert management. When he returned, he talked with Oulson further before Oulson allegedly threw popcorn at him.

He later told police that Reeves hit him with an unknown object, which prompted Reeves to take out his .380 caliber pistol. A single bullet then hit Oulson in the chest.

"He must have just snapped," said Reeves’s neighbor Joe D'Andrea. "I'm trying to put all of this together."

Reeves’s first court appearance was Tuesday. He was held without bond on a charge of second-degree murder. A hearing is pending with Reeves facing life in prison if he’s convicted.

His lawyer, Richard Escobar, claimed that Reeves acted in self-defense.

"The alleged victim attacked him," Escobar said. "At that point in time he has every right to defend himself."

Others, however, claim that Oulson did nothing to warrant someone firing a gun at him.

"This does not make sense. I don't understand," said Oulson’s neighbor Devon Detrapani. "It should have never happened. Now poor Lexi has to grow up without a daddy and Nicole doesn't have a husband."

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