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Man shot by police near Red Rock Park

Shooting at Red Rock
Shooting at Red Rock
John Locher/ Las Vegas Review journal

D'Andre Burghardt Jr., 20, of Los Angeles California was shot by Bureau of Land Management officers. Burghart, whom was walking on Route 159 apparently, had an altercation with a cyclist who called police.

Two federal rangers and a state trooper responded to the incident around noon on Friday on route 159. The man was described as a black male in his 20’s. When officers arrived, Burghart was carrying a rolling suitcase and had a backpack on with a bed roll.

The officers ended up in an unknown argument with Burghart, which turned into a scuffle. Burghart somehow gained access to the trooper’s SUV trying to get to an AR-15 in the SUV. The officers opened fire on Burghart who suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died on the scene.

No officers were injured in the incident. It is still unclear how the argument and scuffle began for Burghart to feel he needed to resort to drastic measures. Unconfirmed reports say Burghart was pepper sprayed several times during the altercation which may have resulted that Burghart was running for cover.

Las Vegas police are leading the investigation with the help of the Highway patrol and the F.B.I.