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Man shoots estranged wife in Sam's Club parking lot

Johnny Malcom Vinson
Metro Nashville Police Press Photo

Angel Pack, 46, was no stranger to the threats of her estranged husband, Johnny Malcom Vinson, 63, but on Saturday, January 11 those threats became a reality, as reported by Metro Nashville Police.

When Pack returned to her vehicle after shopping at the Sam's Club on Harding Rd in Nashville, her estranged husband was sitting in his car parked directly across from hers. As she put her purchases in her vehicle, Vinson approached and began yelling at her. When she walked away to put her cart in the cart corral, Vinson returned to his vehicle. Pack then attempted to get in her vehicle to leave, when Vinson returned and began physically assaulting her. A 19-year-old employee of Sam's Club tried to intervene. When Vinson brandished a handgun the young employee retreated. Vinson continued to assault Pack. He knocked her off of her feet and while she was falling he opened fire on her. Pack sustained gun shot wounds to the upper torso and hand. Doctors at Vanderbilt University Medical Center report that her condition is not life threatening.

In 2011, Vinson was convicted of domestic assault and felony aggravated assault at which time he was sentenced to two years for hitting Pack's car twice as she drove down Thompson Ln in April 2010. On December 14, 2013 Vinson was charged with aggravated assault and violation of an order of protection when he stalked Pack at her workplace, stared her down, and pointed a stun gun at her. He was free on $20,000 bond at the time of the shooting.

Vinson was apprehended in Hermitage on Sunday morning. He is being held on $500,000 bond and is charged with attempted murder, aggrevated assault, unlawful gun possession, order of protection violation, and vandalism.

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