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Man sees angels from deathbed

Mike Proctor (left)....saw angels before he died.  Son Andy pictured with him.
Mike Proctor (left)....saw angels before he died. Son Andy pictured with him.

Mike Proctor told his wife and son he saw 10,000,000 angels shortly before he died, according to an article in Godreports, Wednesday, March 5. Proctor, who survived 22 surgeries during his lifetime, was quiet about his faith though, according to a report in the Christian Post today.

He never discussed with his son Andy or his wife Lydia his spiritual beliefs which caused them some concern during his last days on earth. Mike never had an easy life beginning with junvenile diabetes. As a result of that affliction, physicians determined it was necessary to amputate the lower part of his right leg in 2001. Years later the toes on his left foot had to be removed.

Andy recalled his dad maintained an upbeat attitude throughout all his travails. He quoted his dad as joking, "I was six feet tall, then I lost a foot and a half."

When the rest of his right leg was recently amputated his overall health deteriorated quickly.

Andy said, "He was on dailysis and had a feeeding tube. His body was shutting down at the end."

A dedicated believer, Andy visited his father in the hospital Jan. 29. He realized it likely woud be his last chance to visit with his dad about his eternal existence. Andy was depressed when his dad Mike was unresponsive. Andy hoped his dad could hear him, but he wasn't sure.

Assuming his dad could hear what he was saying, Andy said, "Dad, I don't want anything to happen to you, but if something does happen to you, I want to know I will get to see you again in heaven."

Andy shared the gospel with this father, still not knowing for sure if he could even hear him. There was no response such as a squeeze of the hand and no wink to verify to Andy his ailing father heard him.

Not willing to give up, Andy visited his father on Super Bowl Sunday. He was encouraged when he realized his father could talk once again on this fateful day.

When he asked his dad if he'd heard him a few days earlier, his dad responded with one word, "Yes."

When he further asked, "If something happened to you would you go to heaven?"

His dad pointed both hands up toward the sky.

"Have you accepted Jesus?"


When he was awake the doctors asked Mike if he wanted to be disconnected from life support.

"I don't want to do it anymore," Mike told the doctors.

On the day he was removed from life support Mike told his family members who were gathered around him that he saw ten million angels.

His family was relieved they'd been given reassurance Mike would be in heaven.

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