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Man seeking love on dating show admits to killing wife and lover: Ax accident?

A man who is a contestant on a dating show and admits to killing his wife isn't what most women would call a great catch. This is especially true when learning later in life, he also killed a girlfriend, according to the New York Post on May 9. When Sefer Calinak divulged this information on air, he shocked the woman looking at him as a potential date, as well as the audience. He was immediately taken out of the mix of dating hopefuls and booted off the show.

A man, who is contestant on a Turkish dating show tells prospective date he killed his wife and later in life, his lover!
YouTube screen shot/ Flash TV

The Turkish man apparently thought that honesty was the best policy considering it was a long time ago and he served his time in jail for this crime, according to The woman looking at him as a potential date looked as if she was about to run, once hearing his confessions. Check out her reaction in the video above as this man she is questioning to possibly date tells her of his past love life, which includes a trail of dead mates.

Sefer Calinak, 62, was either very brave or not to bright when admitting to killing his wife and lover, which did nothing to seal the deal for a date for this guy. While the clip shown on national TV is from Turkey and the show is subtitled, the look on the woman's face asking him the dating questions is priceless.

The woman is questioning this guy as a potential date. When he talks about killing two of the women in his life, the woman who is looking at him as a possible mate gasps and puts her hand over her mouth. She looked terrified.

The TV show dating game is appropriately called "The Luck of the Draw." It became very clear very quickly that this was a bad luck draw! Calinak casually explained why he killed two women, his "irritating" wife and later on in life his girlfriend. At one point his wife's behavior changed after they lived with his family for five months. According to the Post, his wife was also his cousin.

ABC News local reports that Calinak admitted that he killed his wife when he was very young. He married his wife at 17 and when the nephew of the man who had wanted to marry his wife came to their village, jealousy overwhelmed him to the point that he killed his young wife.

He was given a 13-year prison sentence, but released after serving four years. Then he married for a second time and that didn't work, but that wife lived! He started to have an affair with a woman who was married and she would be the next one to turn up dead.

This married woman backed out of a promise she made to him and when they fought about this, he accidentally killed her. "She was accidentally killed when I swung an axe!"

The very relaxed man who just casually told a prospective date how he killed two women, finished off his introduction with:

"Bad luck always found me," he added. "In spite of everything, I still want to get married. This time I'll leave it to God."

Hülya Uğur Tanrıöver, head of Turkey's Media Monitoring Group said that a "complaint should be filed against the show" as it should have checked his legal history.

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