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Man searches for family lost aboard Malaysian flight

Malaysian airplane.....where is it?
Malaysian airplane.....where is it?
Christian Post

Ghislain Wattrelos knows his family is somewhere......he just doesn't know where or what their fate is afer they went missing along with the Malaysian 370 flight, according to an article in today's Christian Post. He still loves his family and is not giving up finding his wife and two children.

He has learned how fickle the mainstream news media is. The U.S. national networks covered the disappearance on a daily on an hourly basis in some cases during the time immediately following the plane's baffling disappearance into the dark Asian night over three months ago. And the Australian Prime Minister appeared on television on a regular basis expressing his confidence that each piece of debris seen floating across the Indian Ocean was the lost plane.

The media "experts" opined that surely the prime minister must know something or he wouldn't make such positive statements. After all, he would lose credibility if he made wild statements which were not true.

That cauldron of attention was swirling soon after the March 8 disappearance. But now the TV channels have packed up their cameras and returned home to cover more "newsworthy" stories. And the Prime Minister of Australia has almost become a recluse on the subject. Does he not know as much as the media assumed when he interruped a legislative meeting in Australia to make his dramatic, headline-grabbing announcements?

With the news media gone and the governments losing interest in the searach, Wattrelos has not. His two teenage children Hadrian and Amber are too important to him as is his wife Laurance. The stakes are simply too high for him to give up.

He said, "How could this happen? In an age of constant connections and surveillance."

To accomplish his goal of finding out what happened to his family the French businessman has connected with Ethan Hunt, CEO of Rapide 3D and other families of passengers, in an attempt to raise $5 million. Hunt is a former investigator.

Hunt said, "We are hoping a reward will cause someone to talk. We believe someone out there somewhere knows something about this."

Where governments and news media have failed, the families will go as far as funding allows. So far they have raised $9,000 toward their goal.

Information for the campaign can be found at the Indiegogo website.

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