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Man scammed out of thousands by phony IRS

A man from Farmington Hills, Michigan was scammed out of $3,800 when someone called him and pretended to be from the IRS. Likely nervous, the man went along with the scam, not knowing that it was, in fact, a scam.

The man was told to pay nearly $4,000 in "prepaid money cards" and the caller even threatened to "charge him" with various crimes if they money wasn't forked over. After the man complied, he got another call -- this time from someone claiming to be the town sheriff. The number on the man's caller ID matched up, but when the caller insisted that the man owed $4,500, the man became suspicious.

Turns out, the man is out the initial $3,800 and both phone calls were scams. Police are urging people not to give out any information over the phone and not to pay any money to someone who they aren't sure is legit. More on this story in the video above.

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