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Man says he caught the bubonic plague from his pet cat


A note to cat owners. An Oregon main claims he contracted the bubonic plague from his pet cat.

Fox News reported Wednesday, about a post in the Guardian, where Paul Gaylord details how his cat Charlie was missing a few days in the Cascade mountains. When the cat came back he had a mouse stuck in his mouth and was acting ill. When the owner tried to pull the mouse out, the cat accidentally bit him.

The cat was suffering and had to be put down. Shortly after, Gaylord started to feel sick with a high fever, flu-like symptoms and grey, painful skin. His went to an intensive care unit, where he was diagnosed with the bubonic plague. Yest, it still exists.

He slipped into a coma. He awakened to learn he had developed all three stages of the plague: bubonic (the least lethal form, which infects the lymphatic system), pneumonic (which infects the lungs) and septicaemic (the bloodstream).

His fingers and all the toes on his left foot and about a third of his right foot was amputated.

To determine the source of the plague, the CDC dug up Gaylord’s cat and a lab confirmed it had been infected. The disease is carried by a certain type of flea that lives on burrowing rodents such as mice and squirrels.

Gaylord wrote. “I hope to make people aware of the illness. If you know the symptoms and what to look for, you stand a much better chance of surviving.”

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