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Man's vehicle is recovered with the body of his deceased dog inside

Dog's body found in recovered stolen vehicle
Dog's body found in recovered stolen vehicle
Gilroy PD

According to Monday's CBS San Francisco News, the body of a dog was discovered in the backseat of a stolen vehicle which was recovered in San Jose, Calif.

Suspects in car theft/animal cruelty case
Gilroy PD

The dog, a 15-year-old Akita named "Keiko," belonged to Michael McVey, whose Nissan Pathfinder was stolen in late February.

Keiko had been in the backseat of the vehicle when it was stolen from a Wal-Mart parking lot in Gilroy; McVey noted that it had been a cool day, and he had left the windows cracked for his dog while he ran inside to buy a few items.

Four days after the theft, when the vehicle was discovered in San Jose, the elderly dog's body was found in the same place where she had last been the backseat of the SUV.

McVey is devastated over the loss of his beloved companion, who he had owned since she was a pup.

He described his friend:

That dog and I were best friends, we went everywhere together,

She was amazing, just a sweet, gentle dog. She’d never hurt anybody otherwise these guys would have never gotten away with it.”

Gilroy Police are still searching for the suspects, who are facing grand theft and animal cruelty charges.

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