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Man's severed head and wife still missing: Gruesome case baffles Georgia police

Man's severed head and wife still missing. Man's head was cut off after he died, reports coroner.
Man's severed head and wife still missing. Man's head was cut off after he died, reports coroner.
Putnam County Sheriff's Offfice

An elderly Georgia man was discovered with his head severed in his Florida home and his head is nowhere to be found. The man's wife is missing with police claiming this bizarre and eerie crime has baffled them like never before, according to CBS Crimestopper on May 9.

The autopsy showed that the man was dead when his head was severed from his body. It is also believed that he died from a head injury or brain injury. When friends couldn't contact Russell Dermond, 88, or his wife 87-year-old Shirley Dermond, they went to their home.

According to today, friends found Russell's body in the garage of his home, but his head was severed and gone from the crime scene. Police believe Shirley Dermond was abducted as her pocketbook and cell phone are still in the home. The couple's car is still at the house.

The crime gets very bizarre as there is no sign of a struggle or robbery. The couple's home is in a gated community with guards and nothing seemed to be out of place. The police think the crimes occurred sometime between Friday and Saturday.

There is no ransom note left for the wife and no one has contacted the police, family members or friends to say there is a ransom. The couple have no known enemies and no questionable business or financial dealings.

The couple retired some 20 years ago, they were owners of several fast food chains. Sheriff Howard Sills said the FBI is now helping in this case. He also said:

"Quite candidly, this is the most baffling case we've ever worked on."

While it appears no one came in through the main entrance of this gated community who was headed to the Dermond house, it could be they came in by boat. Sheriff Sills said they are now investigating the possibility that the attacker approached the home by boat.

The police are at a loss and anyone who has had recent contact with the couple are asked to call the Putnam County Sheriff's Office.

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