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Man’s mom died in 1981, and he cashed in her Social Security checks ever since

The 71-year-old son pleaded guilty to cashing in more than $230,000 of his dead mother’s Social Security benefits.
The 71-year-old son pleaded guilty to cashing in more than $230,000 of his dead mother’s Social Security benefits.

Frank Pospisil, a 71-year-old man from Kettering, Ohio, pleaded guilty in a Dayton U.S. District Court this week to federal charges of stealing more than $230,000 of his mother’s Social Security benefits. Pospisil’s mom passed away in 1981; and he’s been cashing in his mom’s Social Security checks ever since, according to a July 3 report from Reuters.

According to court documents, Pospisil admitted to collecting a grand total of $230,479 in survivor benefits since his mother died 33 years ago. When U.S. District Court Judge Michael R. Barrett asked Pospisil how he pleaded to the one count of theft of government property, the 71-year-old son simply replied “Guilty, your Honor,” according to The Dayton Daily News

Pospisil’s potential sentence could range from probation to a “maximum of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.” It is expected that prosecutors will also seek restitution in the name of the Social Security Administration in the amount of funds that Pospisil fraudulently collected. A sentencing date for Pospisi has yet to be determined.

According to the government case against him, Pospisil cashed in the Social Security checks made out in his mother’s name for close to 33 years, beginning in August 1981 and lasting through March 2014. The total amount of absconded funds, $230,479, averages out to approximately $588 per month for the 392 months since his mother died.

An online profile lists Pospisil as an engineering consultant who works with companies without environmental, safety and health staff to ensure they remain in compliance with government regulations.

Federal prosecutors argued that they believed Pospisil’s mother died on July 8, 1981. There was no explanation given by the prosecutor as to how Pospisil managed to cash in his mother’s checks undiscovered for the last 33 years, or what ultimately led to the circumstances surrounding the government’s discovery that he was stealing those funds meant solely for his mom.

Pending his future sentencing, the judge ordered Pospisil to remain within the confines of the Southern District of Ohio. He was also ordered to “stay away from gambling institutions due to a gambling problem.”

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