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Man's bully sign get him bullied in ironic twist

A man's bully sign resulted in an ironic case of just desserts. A 62-year-old man named Edmond Aviv from Ohio was sentenced to brandish a sign that read "I am a bully" in public. The unusual sentence was handed down by a fed up judge who doled out the punishment after the man pleaded no contest to fourth degree disorderly conduct earlier this year.

According to an April 13, 2014 report by the Huffington Post, the man spent a number of hours on Sunday sitting slumped in a chair wearing dark glasses and holding the sign while passersby honked their horns and shouted out insults.

His alleged offenses included harassing a neighbor, the mother of seven children, whose husband has dementia. Several of the couple's children live with disabilities and rely on wheelchairs for mobility.

The man also allegedly smeared feces on the neighbor's wheelchair ramp and used a fan to blow kerosene fumes onto her property, according to The Guardian.

A former neighbor of Aviv claimed that he witnessed the man shouting racial slurs at people in the past. The alleged harassment took place over a 15 year period. It all happened in South Euclid, a suburb in Cleveland, Ohio.

Aviv was not alone on Sunday. He was accompanied by a probation officer, whose task was to protect the man from harm while simultaneously ensuring that he spent the requisite amount of time on a busy street corner with his hand written bully sign, which was inked in black marker on a large piece of brown cardboard.

The wording of the man's bully sign was dictated by Municipal Court Judge Gayle Williams-Byers, who ordered that the ordeal last five hours and the sign be legible from a distance of 25 feet.

In addition to being forced to display the bully sign in public for five hours, the man's sentence included mental health counseling, anger management classes, 100 hours of community service, seven months probation and 15 days in jail. He was also sentenced to pen an apology letter, which must be published in a local newspaper.

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