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Man's body found in wheel well of plane: D.C. airport's grim discovery

A man’s body was found in the wheel well of a plane Saturday afternoon at a Washington airport. Ground crews made the grim discovery that was on a South African Airways airbus around 1:30 p.m. at Dulles International Airport, FOX59 News reported Feb. 16.

An ensemble of airport police, firefighters, and other officials rushed to the scene. FBI agents and officers from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection were also called in after hearing about the man's body being found in the plane's wheel well.

Details surrounding the plane's original destination were not available.

The report indicated that the medical examiner's office in Fairfax County, Virginia will take over the mysterious case. Authorities said “an active investigation is ongoing.”

Flights and operations on the runway at Dulles were not affected by the body's discovery.

Was the man a stowaway on the aircraft or was he somehow placed on it? It would have been a difficult thing to have happen either way -- and definitely not comforting thought. With an aggressive investigation underway, maybe authorities will soon find out how the man's body was found in the wheel well of the plane.

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