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Man runs into burning home to save Xbox

A man from Olathe, Kansas ran into his burning home to save (wait for it) his Xbox. The man was inside the home when the fire broke out and he fled once he realized once was going on. However, while standing outside watching flames engulf his home, he felt "a strong yearning" for his Xbox... so he decided to brave the flames and the heavy smoke to rescue it.

The man successfully saved his Xbox and escaped from the house unharmed. It's unclear exactly what made him run into the house (and it's unknown if he had an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One -- as if that would matter to some people) but he's happy to be alive and reunited with his gaming system. It is unknown if the man decided to save any of his favorite console games... but, hey, those are easily replaced, right?

The fire caused $80,000 in damage to the house.

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