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Man in road rage incident with NYC bikers intends to sue the city

Man in road rage incident with NYC bikers intends to sue the city.
Man in road rage incident with NYC bikers intends to sue the city.

The Sunday edition of the New York Post reported that a driver that was caught in a road rage situation with a group of motorcyclists intends to sue New York City. In September 2013, an incident was caught on helmet cam that was uploaded to the Internet and quickly went viral around the world as it showed the group of motorcyclists in a road rage incident with Alexian Lien who was the driver of a Range Rover outside of New York City. While both sides claim the other was at fault for inciting the ensuing drama, the driver has now made his intentions known that he will be suing.

Lien, 33, believes he has a claim against the city itself as there was an off-duty undercover detective amongst the riders. In previous news, the DA’s office was reducing the charges against most of the riders because Lien’s face had recovered so well after receiving stitches at Columbia Medical Center Hospital where he was taken after the altercation.

According to the New York Post on Sunday, Jan. 19, Lien filed a formal ‘notice of claim’ against the city on December 24th; it accuses the NYPD of failing to properly train officers.

“A vicious and unruly mob of motorcycle riders attacked and assaulted and vandalized” the motor vehicle that Lien was driving. Lien went on to claim that NYPD was “negligent for failing to properly hire and train its officers.”

The city’s Legal Department has stated that it fully intends to defend itself should the claim proceed to a full lawsuit. The detective pled not guilty to the assault charges in November.

In addition to the undercover detective, two other officers including an officer in Internal Affairs who has vehemently defended that he was “nowhere near the scene” of the violence but that he had been riding in a different part of the group with other riders.

In total, eleven motorcyclists were arrested in conjunction with the melee; no charges have yet been filed against Lien for his panicking and driving over a motorcyclist who was paralyzed as a result.

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