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Man released from jail: Richmond City Jail prisoner back in jail after 'mistake'

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A man released from jail in Richmond City was "mistakenly" freed but is now back in custody after turning himself in. On Feb. 27, reported that Kelsey Evan Charles was serving a 10-year prison sentence when he was unexpectedly released due to a clerical error.

"Kelsey surrendered shortly after Sheriff’s deputies, working with members of the community, were able to locate where Kelsey had been staying since his release. He reported with members of his family, and hugged and kissed them goodbye before surrendering to Lt. Col. Clarence Woody, III and Captain David Jackson," Richmond City Sheriff’s Office spokesman Major Jerry Baldwin said.

The man released from jail in Richmond was convicted of attempted murder. Obviously considered very dangerous, Kelsey Evan Charles didn't get too far and many are thankful that he is back behind bars and that he didn't get himself into anymore trouble once he got out of jail.

It is presumed that an investigation is ongoing to ensure that this sort of thing doesn't happen again. This isn't the first time that this sort of thing has happened either. Recently there have been a few "clerical errors" that have caused the release of prisoners who shouldn't have been released.

The man released from jail in Richmond likely won't receive any additional charges since his release was not something that he conjured up.

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