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Man receives 500 emails an hour thanks to Google glitch

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Around 2p.m. on Jan. 24 Google's Gmail email service went down around the globe sending thousands to social media to learn if they were the only ones effected. However, according to an article published by TechCrunch on Friday, the Gmail error wasn't the only glitch involving Google and email to happen recently.

TechCrunch reports a Google glitch caused David S. Peck to receive thousands of emails after his Hotmail email address was attached to a link in a Google search. Peck reportedly told TechCrunch that at one point he was receiving 500 emails an hour, and that he had no way to stop them.

Peck stold TechCrunch he went to bed on Thursday with zero emails, and woke up to 1,900 emails waiting for him. Of those 1,900 emails Peck says there were only two he cared about.

Reports indicate that Google is calling this a “technical glitch” that they have fixed, and say that they are “sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

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