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Man purses: five manly "murses" so you can carry your stuff and look like a guy

Don't be embarrassed, gentlemen. Nowadays you've got to tote around your keys, wallet, smartphone and who knows what else. Just how big are your pockets supposed to be? It's too much. You need an alternative. You need a murse.

AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case is hardly a purse at all. It's not a purse. It's a case. If you were a woman, this might be called a clutch bag. But you're not. It's a case. $10 on Amazon.
Amazon Case
Man + Purse = Murse

Man + purse = murse.

You need one. Here are five. These manly purses span the depth and breadth of this rather narrow and shallow product category. These are the best.

Please see the slideshow for pictures.

Five good-looking "murses"

  1. The AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories--about $10 on Amazon
  2. Rothco Vintage M-51 Engineers Field Bag--about $40 on Amazon
  3. Rothco Venturer Excursion Organizer Bag--about $15 on Amazon
  4. Otium Men's Cross Body Chest Pack--about $37 on Amazon
  5. Brown Canvas Small Travel Portfolio Shoulder Bag by Venturer--about $13 on Amazon
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