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Man planned to record his murder of family and child rape to sell DVDs online

Shawn Ryan Thomas, a 29-year-old man from Longwood, Fla. was arrested on the evening of June 12 after an investigation conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) determined that Thomas “had plans of luring a young girl and her family to his home so he could kill her parents and then rape her.” The FDLE’s investigation into Thomas’ allegedly twisted murder and rape scheme began a little over a week ago thanks to a tip from an anonymous source.

When arrested, the man had in his possession ‘… a knife, sexual lubricant, a camera and tripod, and plastic sheets’.
Seminole County Sheriff's Office

WFTV in Florida reported on June 13 that Thomas planned on getting the little girl and her family into a vacant house by telling them he was going to videotape the child for use in a commercial TV or film venture. Thomas’ true purpose according to authorities, was to videotape the planned knifing murders of the parents and raping of the little girl, and then sell that video privately on DVD.

And on June 7, Thomas was successful in luring one little girl, along with her father and grandfather into a vacant Longwood residence under the guise of producing a student film. Fortunately, that family felt uncomfortable with the proposed video shoot. The unsuspecting potential victims left the house before any harm came to them.

… authorities say Thomas planned to separate the family into two rooms before knifing the adults and then raping the child while filming the attack for a DVD he planned to sell online. ~ The Daily News

Undeterred, Thomas allegedly tried to put his scheme into action again with another family. The second father drove by the house prior to the scheduled meeting time and noticed a “for sale” sign in front of the house.

Authorities said the father left and came back later for the appointment and noticed the sign was gone but saw there was plastic lining the floor inside.

The FDLE was already on to Thomas’ scheme and swooped in to make the arrest. When police arrested him, Thomas “had a bag containing a knife, sexual lubricant, a camera and tripod, and plastic sheets.”

Thomas is currently residing at the Seminole County Jail and being held without bond. He’s been charged with premeditated attempted homicide, attempted sexual assault on a victim under 12 and 10 counts of possession of child pornography.

Anyone with any information regarding Thomas or this case is asked to contact the FDLE Orlando Regional Operations Center at 800-226-8521. For more on the story, see the video accompanying this article.

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