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Man-on-car murder: Sherry Lynn Wilkins drove for miles with dead man on her car

Daily Breeze
Daily Breeze
Sherry Lynn Wilkins appears in Los Angeles Superior Court in Torrance, Calif. in 2012.

The man-on-car murder of 31-year-old Phillip Moreno is back in the news this week after Sherry Lynn Wilkins, the drunken motorist who struck Moreno back in 2012, had her sentencing hearing postponed until June.

According to a report today from The Associated Press, Wilkins, a “substance-abuse counselor,” drove “two miles through a Los Angeles suburb with the dying man on her windshield.”

In one of the most egregious hit and run incidents, the 52-year-old Wilkins, who ironically made her living assisting others in their battle with drugs and alcohol addictions, had a blood alcohol level of .17 – over twice the legal limit.

The Inquisitr picks up the story:

But Wilkins didn’t just hit Moreno with her car and drive away. She hit him so hard that his pants and shoes flew off and landed yards away in the street. She hit him so hard that his body crashed part way through the windshield of her Mitsubishi.

But that’s not even the whole story of the man-on-car murder. As Wilkins drove with Moreno jammed through her smashed windshield, she made two cell phone calls to her husband. At one point — after driving the man on her car past a gas station and a firehouse — she could have taken a turn that led to a hospital just minutes away.

Witnesses that saw Wilkins drive by with a body stuck in her car persuaded her to finally pull into a gas station, where she was arrested. Had Moreno received immediate attention, he may still be alive, prosecutors previously said.

After Wilkins was found guilty, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney John Harlan commented, “We do not tolerate someone who does not pull over when they see someone on their windshield.”

In addition to alcohol, traces of marijuana was found in her system. Wilkins said she was "self-medicating" due to a knee replacement surgery

Wilkins faces a sentence of 45 years to life.

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