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Man-on-car murder: Sentencing postponed in man-on-car murder trial

The man-on-car murder sentencing has been postponed until June. On March 26, ABC News reported that Sherry Lynn Wilkins will have to wait a few more months before hearing her fate in a Los Angeles County court. Wilkins was convicted of second-degree murder after hitting a man while driving drunk (hence the "man-on-car" phrase) and then driving two miles with the man on her windshield. Wilkins was also convicted on a drunk driving charge and hit and run charge.

"Authorities say Wilkins, who had two previous felony convictions, had a blood-alcohol level that was nearly twice the legal limit [at the time of the accident]," reports ABC News.

The man-on-car murder story made headline news when it happened back in 2012. Evidently Wilkins was so drunk that she didn't even think to stop her car once she hit 31-year-old Phillip Moreno. Some people believe that Moreno's life could have been saved had EMTs reached him in time. Ironically, Wilkins was a substance-abuse counselor.

Wilkins is facing 45 years to life in prison but she won't find out the judge's decision for a couple more months. It is unclear exactly why the sentencing has been postponed but Wilkins will remain in jail for the time being.

More on the man-on-car murder in the video above.

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