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Man of the Year

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How would you rate the chances for this marriage to last even a year?

This is funny yet, sadly still true.

As I have talked with women who have read my book “GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change” many have told me that they still have the superwoman complex and will do it all. When we dig deeper they admit they are ready to bash their husbands with the left over chicken wings from the Super Bowl and yet, instead just shut up and clean up.

Hey, everyone, we are in need of honest dialogue, even if the kitchen stays messy.

Have any good stories about how you made change happen? Can be either at home or at work.

Best story will get a complimentary pass to come to our GUTSY WOMEN WEEKEND February 28- March 2. (E-mail your story to

Can’t get to Pennsylvania? Then you will get a complimentary pass to do the four session Gutsy webinar.