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Man of Steel award stands out from 2014 MTV Movie Awards

The 'Man of Sequel' is coming with DC's iconic Trinity in tow, but Zach Snyder's first helmer for this reboot is still getting accolades.
Warner Bros.

Hang in there, DC Entertainment, because MTV Movie Award fans see "Man of Steel" despite Marvel's skyline ticket sales.

It was a meager attendancy for comic book movies amongst the nominee listing for 2014s MTV Movie Awards. But as of the night of April 13 the standout superhero controversial of last year invokes Henry Cavill's Best Hero win to his response to Lois's queries "On my world it means Hope."

Robert Downey Jr., Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth and Martin Freeman loaded up Best Hero beside Cavill. The entries accounted for three comic book movies stacking against two action films. Of those superhero films, "Man of Steel" was the lone flick produced by DC Entertainment.

Moreso, by 2013s box office numbers Marvel's three nominations combine to outpace DC's Superman reboot.

And "Iron Man 3" is in a film industry stratosphere all its own. The trio component for the Iron Man installments
aggregated $409. million domestic, currently etched into 7th place on film history's all time nationwide gross listing. While "Thor: The Dark World" came close to totaling more than the "Man of Steel" $291. mil in theaters by accumulating $206.3 million in ticket sales.

But outside the box office figures is the "Batman vs. Superman" push back a year ahead. Originally it slated to face off the 3rd Captain America installment. The sequel at current, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier", has so far made $201.5 million gross worldwide.

Still with all the Marvel freights rolling right on track, "Man of Steel" was able to take a foothold. Interest continues boiling for the second installment through all the right focuses: interviews; selfies; coverage, and more.

Even with all this, Cavill's win over contenders "White House Down" star Channing Tatum ("21 Jump Street") and Martin Freeman adding a younger Bilbo to his Watson celebrity outside the comic book film genre lets it be known how heavy the rebooted Krypton rocket landed to tremor amongst audiences.

The push forward boosts from the "Man of Steel" platform. And Cavill's Superman has not been so soon forgotten.

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