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Man named 'God' sues credit rating agency

A Russian man living in Brooklyn, New York -- who is named "God" -- is suing a credit rating agency after the company falsely reported that he has "no financial history." According to a video report by Huff Post Live, the man sued Equifax Complete because the agency rejected his name for over two years.

The 28-year-old man said that a glitch in the company's system (that denied God's records to be filed correctly) kept him from making "significant purchases" over the past couple of years. Although God Gazarov (named after his grandfather) has high credit scores with two other big credit agencies, his non-existent score from Equifax Complete has negatively impacted his life.

Rather than Equifax work with God Gazarov to try and resolve the problem (which appears to be internal), they suggested that he change his name. Obviously that's not something that Gazarov wants to do, so he's decided to file a lawsuit. Check out the video above for more on this story.

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