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Man Man’s superhuman showcase at The Black Sheep

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Man Man conducted a larger than life concert at The Black Sheep, on Feb. 18. They were the headlining act, Get Along was the opener and Xenia Rubinos was the direct support and special guest for “King Shiv”.

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Honus is the keyboardist and lead vocalist, Shono is the guitarist, keyboardist, and drummer, Pow is the drummer and Brown Sugar is the saxophonist, keyboardist, plays the marimba, provides percussion for Man Man. Shono and Brown Sugar also provides backup vocals.

Before Man Man began their set with “End Boss”—Pow and Brown Sugar made their way onto the stage, dressed up in skeleton body suits and walked out to Taco’s “Putting On The Ritz”. The spectators cheered and sang along. Shortly after, Shono made his way onto the stage in similar fashion.

Honus appeared with a cloak on and stood with his back towards the audience, near the front and center of the stage. He knelt down, stood up as the music began and spread his arms apart in opposite directions.

Prior to “Zebra”—Honus exited the stage, dawned a white fur coat and noticed a spectator wearing a black sequin hat with flashing lights. As he was about to perform the lyrics—he reached out, grabbed it, wore it and added it to his wardrobe. He continued to interact with the audience, as he walked in the space available near the edge of the stage and grasped the faces of random spectators.

Rubinos was invited on stage to perform “King Shiv” with Man Man. When she made her arrival, Honus embraced her and danced with her for a bit. During the performance—she assisted with backup vocals, danced during the verses and assisted with the chorus.

Members of the audience shouted for Man Man to perform “Engrish Bwudd”, prior to the encore. Four songs into the encore, the fans request was granted. Before the song began—Pow and Honus stared at the audience members for a little while, performed the opening instrumental and the fans jumped with excitement. Then, they ended their concert with “Werewolf (On the Hood of Yer Heartbreak)” and ended with a lengthy instrumental.

“Top Drawer”, “Loot My Body”, “Mr. Jung Stuffed”, “Paul’s Grotesque”, “Pink Wonton”, “Head On (Hold On To Your Heart)”, “Piranhas Club”, “Push The Eagle’s Stomach”, “Doo Right”, “Born Tight”, “El Azteca”, “Life Fantastic” and “Sparks” were also a part of Man Man’s set.