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Man loses portion of genitals when inherited dog attacks

Albuquerque Police

According to Wednesday's publication of The Mirror, a dog with an oddly prophetic name badly maimed a New Mexico man's genitals last weekend.

On Saturday, a 90-pound mixed breed dog named "Stitches," bit a child's cheek and when her 35-year-old father tried to intervene, Stitches turned on him - grabbing the man in the groin and inflicting severe damage. Albuquerque Police Department spokesman Simon Drobik commented on the man's painful, disfiguring injuries:

"When we got on the scene the man was bleeding severely and holding his groin.

"It was really bad."

In fact, the injuries to the man's groin were severe enough that in addition to "severe lacerations," the man's genitals were described as "partially detached."

According to Sky News, the eight-year-old girl who was first bitten was treated on scene; her father was transported to the University of New Mexico Hospital.

The mixed breed dog, and the family's home, had been left to the family after the man's grandfather passed away; they had moved into the house just days before the traumatizing incident. On the day of the incident, the dog was removed from the home by animal control and the family will be able to reclaim him after the ten day holding period if they so desire, reported Tempo News.

Reuters reported that the dog will be put up for adoption if he is not reclaimed by his family.

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