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Man loses fingertips at Disney World update: Accident victim admits fault

The story of a man who loses his fingertips at a Disney World ride is making headlines in the United Kingdom. The headline in the UK's Daily Mail read: "Horror at Disney World: Man has two fingertips SLICED OFF on Pirates of the Caribbean log flume

Disney World
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The paper notes that the victim is from the UK: "A British tourist had the tops of two of his fingers sliced off while riding on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disney World in Florida.

"The victim lost the tip of his ring and little finger after apparently dangling them outside the log fume ride which inspired the Johnny Depp movies."

Disney investigators still are not certain exactly how his fingers were severed, the Orlando Sentinel reported Saturday. But as the Daily Mail notes in the quote below, the victim admits the accident was his fault.

A Disney World spokesperson, Andrea Finger, said the ride was briefly closed Thursday after the accident but has since been reopened.

An audible safety message sounds each time the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is launched but it is not yet clear if the message is prerecorded or if a Disneyland employee is responsible for warning rider The spokesperson said that guests are warned to keep their hands and feet inside the ride.

Posted signs say, "For your safety remain seated with hand, arms, feet and legs inside vehicle. Supervise children."

As a matter of policy Disney World and other area theme parks voluntarily report "significant injuries" suffered on their rides to comply with an agreement with the state that exempts them from public ride-safety regulation.

For an incident to be classified as a significant injury, a patron’s injury must require an immediate hospital stay of more than 24 hours.

CBS News reported:

"Officials say a tourist from the United Kingdom lost two fingertips on his right hand while riding on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Florida.

"Bo Jones of the Reedy Creek Fire Department told Orlando CBS affiliate WKMG the man lost the tips of his ring and pinky fingers and was taken to a hospital. His name was not released and his condition wasn't available."

Jones added, "When the medics got to him he was already out of the ride and on the platform.

"He was very calm and not freaking out, and the medics said he said the accident was his fault as he had his hand where it should not have been.

"He was very calm and just said he needed band aid for his fingers. He did not want a fuss made and kept repeating he had his hand where it should not have been.'

The Sentinel notes that Disney reported five guest injuries in the last three months last year.

Of those five, three injuries happened in Disneyland: A 75-year-old woman fell and broke her wrist when she was getting out of the Mad Tea Party Ride. A 48-year-old man who felt sick after riding Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. And a 35-year-old man with felt heart pain before and after riding The Haunted Mansion but the man reportedly had a preexisting health condition.

At the Disney Animal Kingdom, a 29-year-old woman felt sick and disoriented with slurred speech after riding Expedition Everest. And a 68-year-old man broke one of his toes on a wall at Castaway Creek at the Typhoon Lagoon water park.

There was a previous accident at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. That was in late 2012 when a 71-year-old woman reported dizziness, chest pain and numbness about her mouth.

Virtually identical Pirates of the Caribbean rides are in Disneyland in California and the Disney parks in Tokyo and Paris.

It appears that a lawsuit in this most recent accident is unlikely since the victim has admitted he was at fault but legal experts say that a lawsuit is still possible because in legal terms, he is not considered an expert on whether he is at fault.

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