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Man left with brain damage after surgeon leaves for lunch

ABC News reports on a lawsuit involving a claim that a cardiologist left a patient with his chest cavity still open to attend a luncheon. The result left the patient in a vegetative state. The suit involves the family of patient Silviano Perez and cardiologist, Dr. Parvaiz Chaudhry, at Fresno Community Regional Medical Center in California.

Dr. Parvaiz Chaudhry left a man brain damaged after leaving during surgery to attend a luncheon.
ABC News website

Cristobal Arteaga, the stepson of Perez said he received an anonymous phone call that provided further details about Perez’s brain damage. The anonymous caller told Arteaga that Dr. Chaudhry had left Perez’s surgery to attend a luncheon. The doctor told an unqualified physician’s assistant to close up Perez’s chest. After complications, Dr. Chaudhry had to leave the luncheon to save Perez’s life.

Although Perez survived, he suffered irreversible brain damage.

The anonymous caller told Arteaga to look into an article in a local newspaper that revealed a report about a cardiologist leaving a patient to attend a luncheon. Arteaga then realized the story involved his stepfather. Arteaga also learned that Dr. Chaudhry only received a two-week suspension for his deed.

Read more about this story at the ABC News website.

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