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Man leaves $1,000 tip for NJ waitress to help cover vet bill

Tucker with Christina's 16-year-old stepson
Tucker with Christina's 16-year-old stepson

A waitress at a New Jersey Holiday Inn received a very generous tip from a couple, who were concerned after learning of her sick dog. CNN reported the story on April 24.

Christina Summitt, 37, is like many women in the work force. She holds down three jobs, including as a chef at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, a Saturday night bartender and as a food prep worker at her hometown deli.

Christina's husband also works full time, and she helps care for three stepchildren.

Last weekend Christina began chatting with a friendly couple before the night got busy. At some point the conversation turned to dogs, at which point Christina told the couple about her dog Tucker, who was at the vet having emergency surgery.

She made this comment on a Facebook: Why Bartenders and Servers Hate People page April 20.

"Last night a couple come in, I get their drinks , they order dinner , we talk and what not. I told them about my sick doggie Tucker."

Tucker, a Great Dane/Black Labrador mix, had ran up a vet bill of $2,700 after swallowing a hard plastic ball. Tucker is her baby, having been adopted in 2011.

Christina's concern for Tucker touched the hearts of the kind couple, who ordered dinner and drinks at the bar. When their meal was over, Christina handed them a ticket with their $80 tab. The man filled out the receipt, leaving Christina a $1,000 tip.

When Christina questioned the man over leaving such a larg tip, she was told to put the money toward Tucker's medical costs, saying

"We'll be praying for Tucker."

Christina was in shock, and soon found herself hugging this wonderful couple.

Hotel manager Michelle Satanik verified to CNN that she had followed up with her comptroller and verified the kind gesture. Michelle also spoke to the couple, and described the man as being a humanitarian who does this quite frequently.

Tucker is recovering at home after his surgery.

There are several lessons to be learned from this story. That all restaurant patrons aren't hard to deal with, and there are still good people, as well as good waitresses, in the world.

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