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Man kills self accidentally in gun safety demo to girlfriend

Students learn to fire their pistols at a class taught by King 33 Training at a shooting range
Students learn to fire their pistols at a class taught by King 33 Training at a shooting range
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A man killed himself accidentally in a gun safety demonstration to his girlfriend on Monday in Michigan, according to a Feb. 25 Huffington Post report. The Independence Township resident died after firing a single shot into his head while proving to his companion that his three firearms were safe. They were not.

Sources say the man, 36; presented three guns to his live-in girlfriend in an effort to show prove they were unloaded and safe. As a show of confidence on gun safety, he put each guns to his head in succession and pulled the trigger. The first and second weapons did not discharge a round, but when the trigger of the third gun was pulled, it live-fired.

The man was killed in the accidental discharge of the gun during the safety presentation. He was pronounced dead on the scene. No arrests were made in the man's death and police have not hinted at foul play.

RT wrote that a medical examiner ruled the Michigan man's cause of death was by suicide. And based on his girlfriend's statements to police, her lover was drinking alcohol ahead of the incident.

News of a man killing himself accidentally during gun safety awareness is worrisome, considering the fact that stories like this are cropping up as of late.

In December, a Michigan man accidentally shot his wife in the abdomen while he was cleaning his gun, and last year a weapons instructor in Ohio shot a student on the gun range.

Luckily, in both episodes, the shooting victims survived. However, similar to this recent incident, many others have not been so fortunate


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