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Man killed over noodles: Heart ripped out of his chest and eaten, throat cleaved

Man killed over noodles: Heart ripped and eaten out of his chest
Man killed over noodles: Heart ripped and eaten out of his chest
Wikimedia Creative Commons

A man killed over noodles is one weird news story that’s hit international headlines today. Bo Tuan of China is charged with brutally attacking his victim in a local food shop, which included cleaving his throat, ripping his heart out of his chest, and then proceeding to eat it piece by piece until police arrived. Law enforcement officials haven’t determined what instigated Tuan to initiate the violent offensive, though United Press International reveals this Sunday, June 30, that witnesses to the brutal event were utterly horrified at the whole ordeal.

It’s understandable that one might grow angry if a friend refuses to share his food, but one Chinese man actually killed another when the latter began fighting about not offering any noodles. According to the crime report in this weird news scare, Bo Tuan assaulted and killed Yul Liao for that very reason.

After keeping the noodles to himself, Tuan grabbed a knife and reportedly stabbed Liao and slit his throat. After this initial assault, the attacker was said to cleave open his chest and rip out his heart (which was claimed by witnesses to still be beating at the time it was taken out of the body). The victim “had no time to react,” said one fellow diner at the noodles shop where the violent crime took place.

Opposing Views has revealed that Tuan, only 29 years old, still wasn’t done abusing the body’s remains after killing the man following the noodles fight. Witnesses said that he then decided to prowl around the restaurant looking mad, taking small bites out of the bloody heart and staring down at the cleaved corpse of his victim. According to one statement:

"It was bloody and horrifying and I can't get the images out of my mind. He sliced the man open like he was a bag of rice, and pulled his heart out in front of us all, I swear it was still beating," a Chinese woman who saw the event recalled to a national news station. "Several people fainted; I wish I could have fainted. I can't stop seeing it even when I close my eyes."

Police officers were immediately summoned within the hour. Tuan was said to be silent as he was arrested, and put up no resistance while being taken into custody. This is one case where a veritable mountain was made out of a molehill, it seems. Some witnesses at the noodle shop are filing a complaint with the Suizhou police force, alleging that it took over 30 minutes for officers to arrive. In that time, people feared Tuan could have attacked others and — heaven forbid — ripped out their beating hearts from their chests without provocation, too.

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