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Man killed by police after stabbing his terminally ill mother to death

The alleged mother murderer woke up a neighbor at 5 a.m., and told the neighbor he’d just murdered his mother by stabbing her in head with a pen.
The alleged mother murderer woke up a neighbor at 5 a.m., and told the neighbor he’d just murdered his mother by stabbing her in head with a pen.

Two family members are dead in the Walnut Hills section of Cincinnati, after one man admitted to stabbing his mother to death in the early morning hours of Feb. 24. Police called to the scene ended up shooting the alleged mother murderer to death, after he confronted the cops with a gun.

WCPO reported that that the alleged murderer, 37-year-old Gregory Sanders, must have "flipped out" as a result of the recent deaths of his two brothers.

A friend of Sanders', Michael Thompson, said:

"One of his brothers being murdered and one dying of a brain aneurysm and then something had to happen between him and his mother – had to be words exchanged, or something happened to where he flipped out."

Police identified the deceased stabbing victim as Deborah Sanders, Gregory Sanders’ mother. reported that Sanders broke out the window to his neighbor’s house, and told the neighbor, Mark Foster, that Sanders’ mother was dead.

According to a police report, Sanders told Foster he’d just “murdered his mother” by stabbing “her in head w/pen.”

Foster called 911 around 5 a.m. to report Sanders’ actions.

Cincinnati police arrived on the scene only minutes afterwards and confronted Sanders, who was armed. Three police officers fired at Sanders, killing him in front of the house where he allegedly murdered his mom.

Cincinnati’s Assistant Police Chief, James Whalen, said that Sanders approached his officers with a “long gun.”

“He was in possession of a long gun -- a long weapon. There was a confrontation between himself and the officers, the officers discharged their firearms, striking the individual, and he is deceased at this time.”

Only minutes had passed from the time Sanders broke out his neighbor’s window, until police shot Sanders dead.

“I opened the door and spoke to him. ‘Man, what is going on with you? What are you doing? You broke my glass out, man.’ It’s probably going to cost more than $500. It’s stained glass.

He said ‘I just murdered my mom, Mr. Foster.’ I said, ‘You did what?!’ I was in shock after that.”

Foster said that he was just getting off the telephone with the 911 dispatcher when he heard the shots ring out that killed his neighbor.

“I went back to put the phone down on the base after talking to the dispatcher,” Foster said. “(The police) came right away because by the time I went into my bedroom, I heard the shots. I looked out the front door. There he was in the street, face down.”

No police officers were harmed in the confrontation.

Foster said that up until the time he killed his mother, Sanders always seemed to be a good and thoughtful son.

According to Foster, Sanders had been taking good care of his 60-year-old mother, who was dying from terminal brain cancer. The neighbor said that Sanders took his mom for all her doctor’s appointments and all her treatments.

“He did all that,” Foster said. “That’s why it’s a shock.”

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