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Man killed after accidentally falling into wood chipper

Man dies after falling into wood chipper
Man dies after falling into wood chipper
NY Daily News/NBC

A man died in what many people are describing as an accident that is gory and extremely upsetting. The man was killed after he accidentally fell into a wood chipper. Davie Police Capt. Dale Engle stated, “As a cop, I’ve seen horrific things, but to see what the machine could do to a human being…this is not something you see every day, or something you forget easily.”

Hernan Gutierrez, 42, was feeding tree limbs and branches into the wood chipper when he either fell or was pulled into it. A wood chipper has knife blades that will chop large pieces of wood into mulch-sized pieces. The accident occurred during a tree trimming job outside of Federation Gardens.

According to the management agent for the complex, John Sharkey, the residents of the apartment complex were “very upset.” “It sounds like something terrible out of a movie, a bad movie.”

“I have never heard of anything like this. It is hard to imagine that it could happen, especially on your property.” Police and federal inspectors with the U.S. Labor Department’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration were still investigating the accident on Tuesday, June 24.

According to Engle, even though recovering the remains was delicate and difficult, they were able to positively identify Gutierrez. The wood chipper was transported to the Broward Medical Examiner’s office and they are the one’s responsible for recovering all of Gutierrez’s remains.

The main contractor on the job was Green Horizon Services who has at this time refused to comment on the accident. Gutierrez was employed by Tree Techs Inc and they have not yet commented either. Gutierrez was trimming palm and melaleuca trees at the apartment complex.

Sharkey reported that it was a routine job and “something we do every June before hurricane season. In addition to Gutierrez, two other men were also working at the site; however they did not witness the accident.

Cheryl Appel, who lives nearby stated that one of the other workers ran screaming for help. “He was obviously extremely distraught, yelling and flailing his arms around, screaming.

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