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Man involved in early morning assault

man involved in early morning assaout
man involved in early morning assaout

Friday morning, Charlotte Police were present at an overnight robbery and have charged a suspect.

A report came in to the police station after midnight Friday morning, according to the report from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

WBTV is reporting that the police have charged a teenage adult, Jatravian Arkelle Robinson, 18, with attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon.

According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, the victim claims he was confronted by two armed suspects outside where he lived. A gun was drawn and a demand for money was made. The victim’s reply was that he had none, which led the suspects to grab him and start assaulting him after he was thrown to the ground.

A family member was on the scene who disarmed Robison and restrained him until the authorities took him into custody. The second suspect escaped and is currently being sought after.

The medics were called to the scene to transport Robison and the victim to the hospital, both of which had minor injuries,

Robison was taken to headquarters to be interviewed after he was discharged from the hospital. He was then taken to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s office to be held.

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