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Man into machine

Robocop 2014
Robocop 2014

In 2018 a company, Omicrop has unmanned robots all over Afghanistan and Iraq but America doesn’t want them at home because they show no emotion. Omicrop decides to build a man in a machine from officer Murphy, who is injured in a car bombing. This is the premise for the reboot of Robocop. But could it one day be us? They’re already working on the exoskeleton suit for both military and for people who’s been paralyzed and we have robotic hands, much like the one in “Star Wars” when Luke gets his hand chopped off, but what if we could make ourself’s into a robot? From Micho Kaku’s book — “Rodney Brooks notes in his essay ‘The Merger of Flesh and Machines’ “My prediction is that by the year 2100 we will have very intelligent robots everywhere in our everyday lives. But we will not be apart from them — rather, we will be part robot and connected with the robots.”

American author, inventor, and futurist Ray Kurzweil believes it will be possible.
He argues that the exponential rise in computing power we see today will continue to a point where in 2029, machines will be as smart as people.
At that point, he says, people will inevitably begin to use technology in new ways, implanting powerful devices that augment our abilities.
Kurzweil calls this point in time “the singularity”.

As you can see this is progressing slowly. Cochlear implants, artificial legs, and hands, and now several groups are exploring ways to aid the blind by creating artificial vision, inserting a camera to the human brain.
We may not be able to place humans into a machine yet. But us humans like to try anything we see.

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