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Man indicted for trying to sell a death ray

The Times Union reports that authorities have indicted Glendon Crawford, 49, on Thursday for trying to create an evil death ray that could kill people from afar. Last June, the FBI arrested Crawford and accomplice Eric Feight, 54, for trying to sell a homemade radiation weapon. Although Feight hasn’t been indicted, he remains in jail for his involvement in the scheme. Auhorities have charged Crawford with various crimes, which include conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction.

Glendon Crawford, 49, has been indicted for trying to sell a death ray.
Times Union website

The duo approached a Jewish group and a southern KKK branch about buying the weapon. Crawford worked for General Electric as an industrial mechanic and Feight worked as a computer software expert. Although the duo didn’t build the weapon, they still tried to sell it as a weapon they could develop.

The FBI established surveillance in December 2012, and began monitoring the duo’s phone calls, emails, and text messages. Crawford contacted at least two different Jewish synagogues and tried to sell a device capable of destroying Israel’s enemies while they slept.

Read more about this mysterious death ray at the Times Union website.

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