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Man Impersonates a Police Officer in Henderson Spa

Keith Allison

A local man has been arrested after being accused of impersonating a police officer in a local spa. The bizarre encounter occurred on January 23, when Lawrence DiVetro visited Henderson’s Sunset Spa for a massage treatment. During the massage DiVetro asked the massage therapist for sex. When she refused, he allegedly informed her that he was a police officer and attempted to arrest her.

He then told the employee that he was going to speak to her manager but proceeded to exit the establishment and never returned.

On Wednesday, February 12, DiVetro was pulled over in a routine traffic stop. He allegedly had in his possession, a gold badge and handcuffs. When questioned, Lawrence DiVetro admitted to impersonating an officer “to prevent a crime when he was offered sexual favors.”

DiVetro was arrested and taken to the Henderson Detention Center. He was charged with impersonating an officer, kidnapping and burglary.

There have been several reports of officer impersonations in Henderson area spas that Henderson police are investigating. Officer impersonation has been a valley wide problem in the last few months. Unfortunately the local spas have been targeted by these individuals threatening the safety of the spa employees and the spa-goers.