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Man illegally arrested for taking pictures of fence at U.S./ Mexico border

There is a war on the First Amendment and the right and ability to photograph them doing their duties in public. Every day in America, literally every day, police are illegally arresting, intimidating, harassing someone for filming, or just straight out erasing video.

Now, you might be aware that even high ranking members of Congress such as Sen. John McCain of Arizona have been banned from taking photos or even talking with staff, at immigration centers that house children, runned by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

So if this is the way that ICE interacts with powerful people like John McCain, just imagine what they are like when it comes to you and me.

Andy Beal is a journalist who has photographed the walls and fences separating Israelis and Palestinians. Well, he wanted to photograph a fence in New Mexico, that separated that state and the U.S. from Mexico. He was on land that had access to the public. You would think this would be perfectly legal.

You would be wrong, because cops, and ICE agents are cops, make up the law at their whims. They deemed his pictures commercial photography (because he might sell them to a news outlet) and arrested him. But news pictures are protected by Freedom of the Press guarantees, even if sold to a news outlet, which he stated he wasn't even planning to do.

Anyway, why are government officials trying to ban and censor photos of a border fence? Are there nuclear launch codes written on them?

Why do so many cops think that the U.S. is like North Korea or China, and that they don't have to honor the rights of citizens?

It is cases like this that I am glad we have an American Civil Liberties Union to protect us from such gross violations of our freedom.

These cops should be fired, if not punished, though they won't. The American people must take a stand.