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Man hits cat with baseball bat, cat loses eye

Smudge, the cat hit in the head, is recovering after surgery.
Smudge, the cat hit in the head, is recovering after surgery.
Hidden Brook Veterinary Services

A New Bedford, Mass. man has been arrested after hitting a cat in the head with a baseball bat, according to WCVB. The cat suffered extreme injury and lost an eye.

Police arrested Manuel Erinna on one count of animal cruelty for beating his ex-girlfriend's cat, Smudge, with an aluminum baseball bat after she allegedly scratched the ex-girlfriend's two year old granddaughter.

The owner was on the phone with her ex-boyfriend when the alleged scratching incident happened. Errina said he was coming over to take care of the cat. When he arrived, the woman grabbed her granddaughter and hid in the bedroom.

She heard banging and discovered the cat had been hit in the head. Errina fled the scene.

Police stated the girl did not have a scratch on her.

The four year old cat was immediately taken to Hidden Brook Veterinary Services in Dartmouth and operated on. She is recovering but has lost an eye. Smudge, who was shaking and fearful, will be recovering at Dr. Corinne Slaughter's home.

According to Hidden Brook Veterinary Services' Facebook page, Smudge suffered from proptosis, which is the globe of the eye bulging out of the socket. The eye had ruptured and needed removal. Smudge was put on antibiotics for an infection and pain medication.

Once Smudge has recovered, she will be put up for adoption through Habitat for Cats in New Bedford.

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